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About Us

 Felt is our core material

Since 2013 we have been developing and researching women’s fashion accessories with top quality felt.


Design / Redesign / Sustainable Design

Based on the premises of Handmade (restoring tradition and recurring to manual craftsmanship) and of Ecology (reusing industrial textile residue) our output results in unique and exclusive items.




                              Created and handmade in Portugal   

Feltrando products are made exclusively on northern Portugal, namely 
    São João da Madeira.


Ecologically concerned and individually handmade,  each Miss Olive bag results from a strict choice of felt, leather, chita (cotton patterned fabric) and rivets. Departing from traditional templates, updated and upgraded through Design, these  unique and exclusive products bring  a surprising innovation into the realm of fashion accessories.



Social Project

This is a social entrepreneurship developed by the sculptor Filomena Almeida in partnership with Trilho - Santa Casa da Misericórdia de S. João da Madeira.
All these features make Feltrando an excellent means regarding the rehabilitation of both humane and material patrimonies



We are in constant collaboration with several local industrial companies such as:
Santa Casa da Misericórdia de São João da Madeira, Trilho, Belcinto, Fepsa, Oliva Creative Factory, Heliotextil and Fanepel



Our production is two fold

Miss Olive - fashion acessories
FeltHome - product/textil design
FeltReMade - furniture redesign



Oliva Creative Factory, loja 1
Rua da Fundição 240
3700 119 São João da Madeira 
Ph:. +351 256 004 179
Ph:. +351 967 071 607