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Miss Olive by Feltrando

Miss Olive handbags are now just a click away from our clients and friends all over the world. We are proud to share our work and knowledge, having felt as its core and taking form in a bag of unique style and unmatched concept.

Produced by Feltrando, Miss Olive is a Portuguese brand  of woman’s  fashion accessories , totally handcrafted and  using exclusively Portuguese raw materials


A concept all of its own 

The Miss Olive handbag carries in itself elements of the memory and identity of the city of S. João da Madeira: the hat-making industry and the Oliva company. Both active at the same time left an indelible mark on the social and economic lives of S. João da Madeira. The raw materials that constitute Miss Olive bags are bearers of those two elements.

Hat-making industry- keeping with the tradition of using felt, in the footsteps of the straps bags (sacas de tiras) using leftovers from the hat factories since the 1950s.

Oliva company- using chita and evoking women's work - the gifted girls- who were the main demographics for the company´s main product- the famous Oliva sewing machines.


Winner of the Oliva Rewind Award for the Fashion Accessory Design category- June 2013-Portugal