Designer and founder

Founded by the artist and  designer Filomena Almeida, in 2015, the Feltrando brand is a personal project and the culmination of a wider process that combines Art and Design, in the rescue of  a local tradition by introducing a new material into the realm of design - upcycled felt.
  Filomena Almeida is a Fine Arts graduate by the  Universidade E.S.A.D Escola Superior de Arte e Design das Caldas da Rainha – Portugal.
   Since 1995, she has been working in sculpture, with central focus on stone, wood, and metal, in a merge of sculpture and design. In 2000, her growing interest in interior design, takes her to teaching at C.E.P. Escola Profissional de Design da Pedra – Porto.
     It was her vast knowledge and love for materials, as well as for the industrial and manual working processes, along with her many travels and sculpting experience that led her to emotionally embrace felt.
   Feltrando is the apogee of a personal project, which embodies a way of life, of feeling and sharing, Art, Design, community, and cultural, social, ecological sustainability, for a future to believe in.