Inspired by the local tradition

Why felt?
Because this raw material is at the core of an industry that, since the middle of the 20th century, has been a cultural and economic hallmark of this region, in northern Portugal.
Even in the present day, it manufactures the best quality felt for the hat making industry, worldwide. Its historical legacy is kept alive by local artisans and industry, as well as the Museu de Chapelaria.
We, at Feltrando, dive into and work on that legacy, to proudly and with resolve, take felt and its history to the world.


Portuguese Heritage

Our deep interest for the felt manufacture in our region, led us to rescue that tradition into the future, before it goes extinct.
We have the mission to responsibly spread this Portuguese know-how, by presenting it in a manner that respects the region and its nature, wherein it was developed. We are committed to keep and honour this cultural identity, with integrity and innovation.
All Feltrando products are created and handmade in Portugal, to the world.


Local, with a universal vision 

 We believe that local cultural identity in each region or country, is what will set us apart in a global world. Blending local felt handcraft with technology and innovation, allows for skilled and careful manufactured items, through reusing felt along with design - this  singular and inspired outlook sustains our mission as a company.
At the core of all our products there is reused raw material, handcraft, know-how, and timeless design. Our goal is that all future design aims at sharing the well being of
 individuals with a new shopping attitude based in a slow, more sustainable model that calls for quality rather than quantity.