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Hand interlaced Feltrando felt puff.

Hand interlaced felt, using a technique traditional in northern Portugal.

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Design by Feltrando, mostly from wool felt, a natural, durable, resistant material, which makes it a sustainable option.

Feltrando's line of pillows and puff seats aims at bringing the interweaved felt to the fore through simple shapes. They are quite practical and provide an eclectic touch to your home.

They are crafted by seasoned hands and have industrial residue filling, for soft and comfortable seating. Use them on your sofa or on your bed for relaxing, reading or simply to lounge on your floor.                                     

MATERIAl : wool felt from industrial wast.

WEIGHT : 3100 g / 6834.33 lb

SIZE : 30 X 90 X 60 cm / 15,7 X 49,21 X 37,79 in

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